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四季18類風格分析 18 Styles Color-Image Identify


  • 2 小時
  • 7,800新台币
  • 台中 Taichung|台北市 Taipei


【COLOR4® STUDIO 獨家專利】 四季18類®風格分析方案 時長:1.5-2hr 費用:NT$7,800 鑑定師資格:由COLOR4®審核通過的 ◆ PCIS個人色彩形象顧問® ◆ 日本JPCA個人色彩顧問® ◆ Taste Scale Method® 專業個人風格分析師 ◆ COLOR4® 創辦人黃如蘭老師親審報告書 方案流程: Step 1: 個人色彩四屬性診斷(160色專利色布):包含色相(Yellow Base / Blue Base)、明度、彩度、清濁。 Step 2: 個人風格形象診斷:使用專利 COLOR4® IMAGE 四季18類形象色彩診斷色布,深入檢測適合的風格特質。 Step 3: 個人特質色彩診斷結果諮詢:初步提供所屬之個人特質色彩搭配、彩妝、髮色推薦與自帶彩妝品健檢。 Step 4: 完整報告書將於檢測後10個工作天內寄出。內容涵蓋:四季18類®個人風格色彩、顏分析、個人特質服飾風格全方位資訊,例如:圖紋配色、材質、款式、首飾、包鞋、配件...等,一系列完整風格推薦報告書。 贈品:日本四季色彩口袋色布乙份 (市價NT$850) *下訂前請加入會員,我們將不定期提供穿搭資訊與活動優惠訊息給你,讓我們一起看見自己的亮點,展現美好的生活。 ◆ 測色診斷時請素顏前來,以呈現更準確的診斷結果。 ◆ 我們會提供適合你的彩妝色調建議,亦可攜帶自己常用的彩妝前來做彩妝健檢諮詢。 ◆ 現場加購其他方案,贈品不累贈。 (以線上訂購之方案內容為準) 【COLOR4® STUDIO Exclusive Patent】 18 Types® Style Analysis Package Duration: 1.5-2 hours Fee: NT$7,800 Consultant Certification: ◆ PCIS Personal Color Image Consultant® Certified by COLOR4® ◆ JPCA Personal Color Consultant® Certified by COLOR4® ◆ Taste Scale Method® Professional Personal Style Analyst Certified by COLOR4® ◆ The Personal E-report by COLOR4® Founder Julan Huang Package Process: Step 1 Personal Color Four Attributes Diagnosis (160 patented fabric colors): Includes hue (Yellow Base / Blue Base), brightness, saturation, clarity. Step 2 Personal Style Image Diagnosis: Use the patented COLOR4® IMAGE Four Seasons 18 Types image color diagnosis fabric to thoroughly analysis suitable style traits. Step 3 Consultation on Personal Trait Color Diagnosis Results: Preliminary recommendations for individual trait color matching, makeup, hair color, and a self-check of makeup colors. Step 4 A complete E-report will be sent within 10 working days after the test. The content includes: Four Seasons 18 Types® individual style colors, facial analysis, comprehensive information on individual trait clothing styles, such as pattern matching, materials, styles, jewelry, bags, shoes, accessories, and more. Gift: One set of Japanese Four Seasons color pocket fabric sample book (Market value NT$850). *Please join our member before placing an order. We will provide you with update and discount information in the first place. ◆ Please come without makeup during color analysis and diagnosis in order to achieve precise results. ◆ We will provide you with suggestions on makeup shades that are suitable for you. You can bring your makeup for the personal cosmetics consultation. ◆ The gifts are subject to the content of the online ordering plan, and no gifts will be accumulated .


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