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A. 四季個人色彩診斷 Personal Color Analysis


  • 1 小
  • 3,800新台币 起
  • 台中市 Taichung|台北市 Taipei


四季個人色彩診斷方案 Personal Color Analysis -- 4 Seasons 【 方案介紹 】 ● 時長:1hr ● 費用:定價 NT4,750 (平日優惠 NT3,800) ● 鑑定師資格: 由COLOR4®審核通過的日本JPCA個人色彩顧問® ● 方案流程: Step 1 個人色彩四屬性診斷(116色專利色布): 包含色相(Yellow Base / Blue Base)、明度、彩度、清濁。 ● Step 2 個人四季色彩診斷結果諮詢: 包含四季色彩搭配、彩妝、髮色推薦與自帶彩妝品健檢。 ● 贈品:日本四季個人色彩屬性色樣紙本乙份 【 注意事項 】 ◆ 測色診斷時請素顏前來,以呈現更準確的診斷結果。 ◆ 當日亦提供彩妝色調建議,歡迎攜帶常用彩妝前來諮詢。 ◆ 此方案不得現場加購十二型個人色彩鑑定。 ◆ 現場加購其他方案,贈品不累贈。 (以線上訂購之方案內容為準) *下訂前請加入會員,我們將不定期提供穿搭資訊與活動優惠訊息給你,讓我們一起看見自己的亮點,展現美好的生活。 COLOR4® STUDIO 全程採用日本專利的色彩診斷工具,並透過訪談,瞭解你目前穿搭的煩惱,針對你生活及工作上的形象需求,給予專業的色彩搭配建議。 - 【 Introduction 】 ● Duration: 1hr ● Fee: NT$3,800 (25% of consulting fee will be charged during holidays and weekends) ● Appraiser qualifications: Japan JPCA Personal Color Consultant® reviewed by COLOR4® ● Proposal process: Step 1 Diagnosis of four attributes of personal color (116-color patented color cloth): Including hue (Yellow Base/Blue Base), lightness, chroma, and turbidity. ● Step 2 Personal Four Seasons Color Diagnosis Results Consultation: Includes seasonal color matching, makeup and hair color recommendations, and health checkup of your own cosmetics. ● Gift: A paper copy of Japanese Four Seasons personal color card 【 Reminder 】 ◆ Please come without makeup during color measurement and diagnosis to present more accurate diagnosis results. ◆ Suggestions on makeup shades will also be provided on the day. You are welcome to bring your commonly used makeup for consultation. ◆ This plan is not allowed to purchase twelve types of personal color identification on site. ◆ If you purchase other plans on site, free gifts will be given away. (Subject to the plan content of online ordering) *Please join as a member before placing an order. We will provide you with outfit information and event discount information from time to time, so that we can see our highlights together and show a beautiful life. COLOR4® STUDIO uses Japan's patented color diagnosis tool throughout the process, and through interviews, it understands your current dressing worries and provides professional color matching suggestions based on your image needs in life and work.


【 取消或改期 注意事項 】 ※ 請於3天前告知 1. 三日內臨時預約改期或取消,將酌收 NT$1200 手續費。 2. 一周內取消預約或改期,將酌收NT$500 手續費。 3. 預約 / 開課「7天內」不接受退費。 4. 預約 / 開課「當日」 無故缺席,則視同放棄,不受理退費與改期。 5. 如遇不可抗之因素,四季色彩研究室 將聯絡退改事宜。 6. 四季色彩研究室 COLOR4 STUDIO 保留以上更改之權益。 ※請直接展開右下角對話框,由專人協助你預約時間! 【Cancellation or Rescheduling Notice】 ※ Please inform us 3 days in advance. 1. For last-minute rescheduling or cancellations within 3 days, an administrative fee of NT$1200 will be charged. 2. For cancellations or rescheduling within 1 week, an administrative fee of NT$500 will be charged. 3. Reservations or courses scheduled within the 7-day period are non-refundable. 4. If you are absent without valid reason on the scheduled day, it will be considered a forfeiture, and no refunds or rescheduling will be entertained. 5. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the Four Seasons Color Research Studio will contact you regarding changes. 6. The Four Seasons Color Research Studio COLOR4 STUDIO reserves the right to make the above changes. ※ Please expand the chat window in the lower right corner for assistance with scheduling by our dedicated staff!


  • 台灣台中市西區忠明南路497號1f

  • 四季色彩研究室 Color4 Studio, 台灣台北市大安區永康街75巷8號5樓之2

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